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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How AdBrite Works


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Getting started
o A guide for advertisers »
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Case studies
o Major international airline »
o Pogo »
o Family-friendly
restaurant chain »
o Live Nation »
o Volkswagen »

Ad formats
o Text ads »
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o How the auction works »

o Smart bidding »
o Pausing sites »
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Tips & tricks
o Site-level optimization »
o Testing ad variations »
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targeting »
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Drive traffic. Attract New Customers.
Reach millions of users
Reach 100 million users across 70,000 sites.

AdBrite can help you reach your target consumer across our network of sites, which ranges from major web brands as well as smaller specialty sites. AdBrite serves ads on nearly 1 billion pageviews daily.
Advanced targeting and ad types
Utilize our advanced targeting and high-impact ad types.

Tell us who you’d like to target — defined by user or site characteristic — and we’ll help you reach them. OTEx (Open Targeting Exchange) ensures your ad will benefit from leading edge targeting. Use standard ad units, like banners and text ads, or try our unique Full Page Ad.
optimize your campaign
Optimize your campaign to maximize results.

AdBrite offers advertisers unparalleled transparency and control. You’ll see every site your ad has run on, and can allocate more budget to better-performing sites, or pause under-performing sites. Bottom line, your budget will work harder. Check it out »
optimize your campaign
Take advantage of cost-per-click performance.

CPC banners work just like CPC text ads on AdBrite. We will enter your maximum bid and then our system automatically optimizes on a site-by-site basis to deliver clicks at or below your target cost-per-click. You only pay when someone clicks your ad.

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